Joining our group

Now accepting MIT graduate students

We are accepting into our research group new graduate students who have been admitted to MIT’s Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, or related departments. Those who have an interest in chemical synthesis and/or soft materials characterization are especially encouraged to inquire. For more information please email Prof. Ortony directly at ortony (at)

Now hiring a postdoc in the area of organic, small molecule synthesis

Now accepting applications for the position of Postdoctoral Associate. Candidates must have a Ph.D. in chemistry or a chemistry-related field and be trained in organic synthesis. Applicants with extensive experience designing and carrying out chemical reactions, and performing purification and characterization of small amphiphilic molecules are sought. Experience in molecular self-assembly and nanoscale characterization is also desired. To apply, please send a single PDF with the subject line “Postdoc Application” to Prof. Julia Ortony (ortony (at) including the following components:

(1) Cover Letter
(2) CV
(3) 1 page description of research accomplishments
(4) two recent published papers

Now hiring a technician with experience in organic synthesis and materials chemistry

We are searching for a laboratory technician to join our team for one year and possibly longer. Duties include carrying out organic chemistry reactions, chemical purification, and performing nanoscale characterization techniques (TEM, AFM, DSC, etc). Requirements: a B.S. in chemistry or a related field (an M.S. is preferred). For more information, please email Prof. Ortony at ortony (at) and attach your CV.