Principal Investigator

JuliaOrtony16Prof. Julia Ortony
Finmeccanica Career Development Professor of Engineering
Department of Materials Science and Engineering
2005  —  B.S. Chemistry, University of Minnesota
2011  —  Ph.D. Chemistry, University of California, Santa Barbara

Bio: Professor Ortony grew up in Urbana, Illinois and completed her B.S. in chemistry from the University of Minnesota. During her undergraduate years Prof. Ortony contributed to computational work in the area of metal organic frameworks under the supervision of Prof. Eric Ganz. Following her B.S., Prof. Ortony moved to U.C. Santa Barbara, and completed her Ph.D. in Prof. Songi Han’s group. For her dissertation, Prof. Ortony developed instrumentation based on electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) spectroscopy for measuring the motion of water on molecular length scales in soft matter. Prof. Ortony investigated a variety of soft materials systems during this time, including conjugated oligo- and polyelectrolytes, complex coacervates, mussel adhesion proteins, and biphasic hydrogels. Prof. Ortony’s postdoctoral research was under the guidance of Prof. Samuel Stupp at Northwestern University. There she applied her instrumentation background to dynamics characterization of supramolecular materials. Prof. Ortony joined the faculty of MIT’s Department of Materials Science and Engineering in November 2015. Details about her research program can be found here.


Jia TianDr. Jia Tian
tianjia (at)
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
2011 — B.E. Chemistry, South Central University of Nationalities, Wuhan, China
2016 — Ph.D. Chemistry, Fudan University, Shanghai, China

Graduate Students

Robin-3William R. Lindemann
wlinde (at)
Gilbert Y. Chin Graduate Student Fellow
NSF Graduate Student Fellow
2015 — B.S. Materials Engineering, B.S. Mathematics; Iowa State University

Ty Christoff-Tempesta
ty.christoff (at)

NSF Graduate Student Fellow
2017 — B.S. Materials Science and Engineering; University of Florida

Andrew Lew
lewan (at)

2017 — B.S. Materials Science and Engineering; UCLA

Undergraduate Students

DSC_2604 (1)Cynthia Lo
cyntlo (at)
Materials Science and Engineering Major
MIT Class of 2018

Former group members

ShantanuKallakuriShantanu Kallakuri
shankall (at)
2015 — B.E. Chemical Engineering, M.Sc. Chemistry; BITS Pilani, India

Benoît Koch
bmkoch (at)
Visiting graduate student
Chimie ParisTech Institute of Technology, Paris
M.S. in Engineering and Chemical Science expected 2018